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Automatic Co. is a Plumbing, Mechanical, & Solar firm located in Boulder, Colorado. We specialize in High Performance Energy & Comfort Solutions for the Green Building Industry. Our services cover all aspects of Plumbing, Mechanical, and Solar systems. Your project is our highest priority. We firmly believe that a sound design coupled with a provider that is capable of complete system integration, will yield a home that is comfortable, efficient, and beautiful.

Our Vision:
Automatic Professionals shall strive to be leaders in our industries. It is our goal to consistently provide guild quality workmanship, champion client satisfaction, innovative products, and friendly service. We will maintain a steadfast commitment to continuing education, leadership, training, and the improvement of our environment.

Where to begin...
Our services are vast and all-inclusive, everything is done in-house. From preliminary design consultation, to equipment specification, system schematics and installation, Automatic is the single choice for your new home, remodel, or retrofit project.

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Why Automatic?
The first home heating & hot water systems at the turn of the century were mostly fired by coal or wood. Usually, the heating systems were tended by the lady of the house or the home’s caretakers. Less than 100 years ago, refined oil and natural gas became available to the public for use in heating their homes. The systems that became available to the public were now able to be run on fuel piped or stored right on the property. No more stoking of the coal grate, or splitting and stacking wood. All a homeowner had to do was turn up that "new fangled" thing called a "Thermostat". Homes were warmer, people were more comfortable, and no one had the job of tending to the heat anymore. These systems were referred to, marketed as, and sold as "Automatic Heating Systems". They were reliable, efficient, and comfortable. Although the systems of today are more sophisticated, the same maxims are still present: Reliability, Efficiency, and Comfort. All equally important, and all equally desired by the end user of any Automatic system.